Open World Analysis — Mafia 3

A look at New Bordeaux — Downtown District.


Road Networks and District Separation

Landmark Positioning in relation to player position (relative to district entry points)

The Delray Hollow Connection

World Trade Center Building

The Hibernia National Bank

The Hibernia National Bank

The Royal Hotel

Tower Plaza/Crescent City Towers

Other Landmarks

View of the Children's Hospital from the Bridge

Major Landmark

Minor Landmark

The Children’s Hospital aka Charity Hospital:

New Bordeaux Police Department

Lafayette Square

H.R. Laidlaw’s building (Aka the F.W. Woolworth CO. Building)

St. Patrick’s Church

Court of Appeal

Real World Vs Game World

Downtown New Orleans → As seen in Google Maps.
New Orleans/New Bordeaux as seen in Mafia 3

Closing arguments

Attempting to reduce unnecessary wondering

Giving it a theme park feel

Cutting away the unnecessary bloat manifested through too much filler space



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