How to articulate a visual language system in a level design environment

Why do this matters?

Watch Dogs 2 — Coop encounter in the open world.

Understand what the playable character can do.

Classic proportions for a humanoid character.
Source Engine — Half-life 2 Dimensions

Establish a metric kit

Player Silhouette next to a small cover
Scale and Affordances
Metric Library
Metric Kit Construct
Example backyard space for an open-world game.
Backyard example difference angle

Establishing a context by ensuring consistency in all interactions

Player assessing metric affordances in Watch Dogs 2
3 Characters are occupying the same space.
Camera position in a TPS.
3d Rendition

Player Choice

Door light at night!
The light draws moths
Alan Wake — Light Checkpoint
Sam Fisher using a window to take out an enemy.


One frame — Multiple solutions. Watch Dogs 1
One frame — Multiple Solutions. Watch Dogs 2

Player Fulfillment



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Iuliu-Cosmin Oniscu

As a level designer I am not a creator, I am a facilitator. Senior Open World Designer. #Leveldesign #Open World #Design @notimetoulose.