I've been talking a lot about the importance of molecular design patterns in level design.

(It's imperative to consider molecular structure when working with open-world content, various degrees of variety in thematic and gameplay); however, I have not talked about why working with them is essential.

What is the core…

I decided to return to Night City.

Building space, in some ways, can lead to confusion if we ignore the fundamentals of orientation.

I think that’s what makes Night City so interesting. It’s committed to breaking all the rules to support the narrative of the game.

I am not going…

This entry explores the relationship between player and environment in natural spaces.

It applies to most open-world games that offer a naturalistic approach to their world (Far Cry Series, Death Stranding, Zelda Breath of the wild, → I am looking at you)

Affordances — Player and Environment

And how to make it compelling

The 40 Second Rule

When thinking about the scope, size and distribution of your encounters in the open world you will have to consider the time between encounters. This tends to vary from game to game.

This matter is highly dependent on Player speed and Map Size, since…

A look at New Bordeaux — Downtown District.

It’s no secret I love Mafia 3. It’s one of my favorite open world games out there.

In this article we will discuss a few details about how the Downtown district is composed and why I think it’s an excellent study case for open world design in terms of orientation…

Iuliu-Cosmin Oniscu

As a level designer I am not a creator, I am a facilitator. Senior Open World Designer @MassiveEntertainment. #Leveldesign #Open World #Design @notimetoulose.

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